1. Respect and Dignity of Life

IDEI believes that smallholder farmers are not mere recipients of charity but producers of value. They are not beneficiaries but co-investors in the programme. By aligning our aspirations with that of the farmers we align values and create a community united through common purpose, belief and shared values while respecting the inherent dignity of their lives.

2. Liberating the Enterpreneurial Spirit of Smallholder Farmers

Building on the concept that self reliance is a virtue, IDEI empowers the poor farmers and fosters leadership from the grassroots. It allows the farmers to realise their hopes and dreams completely rooted in the everyday realities of their lives. IDEI empowers farmer families and communities to solve their own problems- investing in their own future.

3. Turning Poverty into Oppurtunity

Breaking the belief that multitude of poor farmers are a fragmented market segment, IDEI has proven that poor farmers can pay and therefore this is a market! Poor farmers are risk taking as well.

4. Creating a Collaborative, Participative Culture to meet Social, Economic and Environmental Goals

Constant interaction with the farmers is the cornerstone for us. We listen to farmers- our target audience. Deconstructing farmer’s ambitions and needs, IDEI innovates, designs, implements. While maintaining a local attitude, IDEI builds global partnerships and networks to be a green leap leader bringing about social, economic and environmentally sustainable solutions. 

5. Replicating and Up-scaling Strategies and Solutions

By establishing a culture of growth, building consciousness and awareness amongst its people functional systems and processes are built. Disruptive business models with cost effective delivery is the key.

6. Designing and Adapting Transformational Technology to Generate New Market Opportunities

Adapting technologies to develop affordable local manufactured technologies is the foundation. Harnessing technologies, agricultural solutions and breakthrough products is the core at IDEI.

7. Tangibe Income Impacts

IDEI believes that with disposable income at hand the farmers can break through the shackles of poverty. Each programme targets to generate income in the hands of the farmers so that they breakthrough poverty. Establishing a secondary source of income ensures they create means to remain above the poverty levels.