• Economic impact

    IDEI's farmers have generated more than US$ 7.4 Billion.

    Economic impact entails wealth generated at the household level. It concerns itself with the production and use of income by the smallholder farmers. IDEI promoted technologies have been adopted by more than 1.38 million households. These farmers have generated more than US$ 7.4 Billion as net additional income.

    Each user household generates US$ 400 as net additional income annually throughout the life of the technology. This disposable income is used for debt repayment, children education, asset creation like livestock, accessing health services among others.

    Supply Chain

    IDEI works on the market based approach and establishes a network of manufacturers, retailers and village based mechanics. These people manufacture the technologies, sell them at village level and install them for farmers.

    Till date over 610 Million work days has been generated at the on farm level (agricultural labourers) and 2.51 Million person days in the supply chain. When monetised it is more than US$ 800 Million and US$ 4.5 Million!


    *Calculation based on $ PPP.